Why Go Green?


Our Earth is crying out for help!  We pollute it, burn it, smoke it, and abuse it.  We are ignoring the warning signs; we make excuses that all is fine.  Its our imagination; there nothing wrong with Earth.  Really?

Almost every family member has a car.  Population increases, more cars on the road.  Gas companies increasing the price of gas to run our cars and heat our homes.  Utility companies increase the cost to utilize electric.  How many appliances can you count that runs on electricity? Its getting to the point that we have to work just to pay our gas and utility companies.  When will this end?

So What Can We Do?

Think smarter not harder.  We must work to preserve our Earth for generations to come.  We should give our children a better environment that is safer, yet more cost efficient.  We need to free ourselves from addiction to foreign country oil.  We must find alternate means of energy such as renewable energy sources like the sun, the wind, and running waters.  All natural energy sources that will be with us forever, safe for the environment, and cost efficient.  If we continue doing what we do, you and I will  destroy our Earth.  Its time for a change!

Go Green While Saving Money

The greedy are becoming greedier.  They don’t want change.  So we have to take every opportunity to go green to save us money and make it safer for our environment.  Install renewable energy sources like solar panels that will make you money in the summer months, and wind mills in the winter months with winds increasing day and night all around the clock.  Its a win win situation.  Safe for the environment while making us money.  Can you use some extra money by reducing your utility bills?  Installing solar panels or wind mills will save you even more money as time goes on.  Utility companies always increase our utility bills saying it cost more to operate.  But installing solar panels or wind mills, your operating cost never goes up, remains the same, and again is safe for our environment.  Think of our children.  Would you hurt your children on purpose?  Of course not!  So we all must do our part to go green while saving money!

What Can I Do?

Write to your Senators and Representatives in congress.  They rule our country.  Tell them, we voted for you to represent our interests.  We need alternate energy sources.  The power of running water; we need more hydro-power plants.  Change laws that every new home must have solar panel and wind mills.  Develop batteries to store energy to use during off times.  Tell them your tired of working to pay the utility companies.  Tell them your concern for Earth’s environment.  And tell them you want a better world for our children.

Is There Anything Else?

Yes, most states in America encourage home owners to install renewable energy systems like solar panels and wind mills.  As an incentive, the United States Government has provided a property tax exemption for renewable energy systems.  For more detailed information click on Federal tax Credits.  

Already we have homes heated by solar windows,and hot water heated by solar energy.  Air-conditioning system will someday operate on alternate renewable systems.  Its coming, its here!  We all must push congress into investing in alternate renewable energy sources.  We out-number them, they serve us, the people!  For these reasons its our obligation to Earth to preserve the environment for years to come.  Its important that we all do our part to save our Earth; the time is now to go green while saving money!


Harvest the power of renewable energy; safe for our environment, while saving us money.